About Us

Sundaiz Bakehouse and Café is a bakery specializing in peanut and tree nut free desserts and baked goods in the Greater Montreal area. Offering free local delivery, pick-up, Canada wide shipping and partnerships with Door Dash, Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes, there are so many ways to try our bakery items. Known for their New York style giant cookies, naked cakes and cinnamon buns, there's a product for everyone in the Sundaiz line-up.

Being allergic to peanuts and tree nuts herself, Co-Founder Jessica Michilli made it her mission to make sure people living with the same allergies as her didn't have to look further than her baked goods to offer them something safe and equally as delicious.

Every single product at Sundaiz is baked in a peanut and tree nut free facility, with certified peanut and nut free ingredients and made with the highest standards and quality ingredients.

A family bakery, a peanut and nut allergy and a grandmother with a love for baking was all it took to make Sundaiz a reality.

Jessica was only 5 years old when she started baking. Having a father who owned a bakery, Jessica would spend as much time as possible absorbing and learning everything she could from her dad so that she could one day own a bakery of her own. 

Living next door to her grandparents, Jessica would spend countless hours with them and even more so in their kitchen, where her grandmother would bake age-old family recipes. From Italian classics like ‘’Pasta Frita’’, best described as a fried dough, glazed with honey or maple syrup, to the famous French pastry ‘’Choux à la crème’’, where one could get lost in the cloudy puff pastry filled with a light cream.

Growing up with a peanut and nut allergy meant that she couldn’t enjoy the same sweets and treats as all of her friends. Cakes at birthday parties were a no, Halloween trick-or-treating was a stress and get together were mostly at Jessica’s house to monitor and ensure that the food she was eating was safe for her.

The aromas in her grandmother’s kitchen, the smiles on the customers faces at the family bakery and the allergies she struggled with since birth were all that it took to fuel the start of Sundaiz!

By age 15, Jessica had developed a true passion for baking and began experimenting with different recipes of her own. Her dream was to have her own bakery and make a living through her passion of baking. Being born with a peanut and nut allergy meant that baking turned from a fun pastime to a necessity. Being able to bake her own sweets meant that she could now make birthday cakes for her friends and family and that she could eat the same sweets and baked goods as everyone else so long as she made them. With age and practice, Jessica realized that this pastime could be turned in to a business.

In November 2019, Jessica turned that thought process into a reality. Right before the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world as we knew it, out of her own kitchen in Montreal, Sundaiz was born. Specializing in New York style giant cookies, Jessica sold over 7,000 cookies from her home kitchen in a span of 5 months and in that time expanded to different and innovative products such as cookie dips and giant cinnamon buns. Her kitchen turned laboratory was all that was needed to get the attention of various media outlets like MTLblog, CJAD, Narcity and big name influencers. From that point on, the momentum was unstoppable, and Sundaiz turned into a sustainable business that Jessica could focus on full-time.

By November 2020, the capacity of the home kitchen could not keep up with demand and the decision was made to look for a production facility. Keeping true to the companies roots, the Sundaiz team wanted to keep operations on the island of Montreal and landed upon the historical ‘’Complexe du Canal Lachine’’ building at 4710 rue Saint-Ambroise. A stone throw away from Montreal’s famous Atwater Market, located in the vibrant borough of St. Henri, the Sundaiz Bakehouse opened in June 2021 to become the companies first ever commercial location. 

Today, Sundaiz runs a full service bakery serving walk in customers, operating a website where people can place an order for a future date for pickup, delivery or shipping across Canada and utilizes deliver apps such as Door Dash, Skip the Dishes, and Uber Eats for the people who need it delivered right away. Sundaiz expanded into the wholesale market, selling to restaurants and Cafés around the greater Montreal area. Sundaiz also expanded its product offering again to include salty items all made in house such as: focaccia, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, soups and even breakfast toasts such as avocado toast. Sundaiz is open from Tuesday to Sunday and has a take-out window located directly on the Lachine Canal’s bike path. Sundaiz built somewhat of a cult like following and quickly became know for having the best New York style giant cookies around.

Jessica and the team at Sundaiz have plans to expand and franchise the company. Some of the most important values of the company are to always offer a quality that cannot be compared, serve the community with a smile and create jobs and opportunities for everyone and anyone.