Tiramisu 9'' X 9''

  • $39.99

Legend has it, Jessica, the owner of Sundaiz is the only one allowed to make this Italian classic in the Sundaiz kitchen! Our Tiramisu is done the Sundaiz way: no raw eggs and
alcohol free for people of all ages to enjoy. Missing the alcohol? Have a glass of limoncello or a shot of grappa to go along with it! Sundaiz signature espresso, the highest quality mascarpone and whipped cream and cocoa powder are just some of the key ingredients that make this one a fan favourite. In Italian, we say ‘’buon appetito’’ at Sundaiz we say ‘’can I have another slice?’’

Alcohol FREE!

Portion is good for 8-10 people

Contains: wheat, dairy, eggs, gluten

May contain: soy, mustard

Made in a peanut and nut free facility